HEALTH CARE Booklet for the Lay Person To Be Released SOON

Much of what was written in this blog has now been converted into a booklet that is currently with my editor.
It should be for sale by the 22nd August 2016
Some of the subjects are:
Emergency help
Mental Health - Depression & Anxiety
Brain Boost
Diabetes type 2
First aid box
Heart Attack
Male sexual help
Massage following knee reconstruction
Tea Tree Oil benefits
Urinary Tract Infection
Plus many helpful link and help with natural alternative medications.

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What the Doctor's don't tell you.

Doctors can be good and bad, yes we need them, however, very often we don't OR shouldn't need them.

Why? because the immunise system is designed to keep us healthy.
It is designed to keep us well, and heal itself.

So what does this mean??
It means if your own immune system is in good condition, then it will fight all toxin's that come in contact with you.

Toxins are what make you sick...
So keep that immune system well and you won't get sick.

Sadly to say, food is not as good for you as it should be, UNLESS, you grow it yourself.

Money is the answer. No one cares how sick you get, as long as you buy their products.

You are sold second rate food most of the time, and due to that you don't receive the nutrients that your cells need to replenish and keep you well.

Another reason you are unwell, is because of the toxins put into your body in the name of supposedly being good for you.

TWO of these BAD treatments, come from dental work. That silver filling or root canal.
Do you know these two single things, can KILL YOU!!

Please take the time to listen to American Dr Thomas Levy M.D. -  and Associate Professor as he explains further.

This video will take you one and a half hours to watch. You take that time to watch a movie that will not help you, so WHY not take the time to watch information and education that will help you.

Its not going to put you into using expensive treatments. In fact you will learn the inexpensive way to keep healthy.

CLICK HERE - Dr Thomas Levy Explains