MASSAGE: After Knee Replacement

 Photo of surgery after a knee replacement (this is not my knee).

Tendons and Muscles at Front of Knee

At Back of Knee.

As many of you know, I am recovering from a Total Knee Replacement.
The pain has been worse than I imagined.
Yes, I am on medication for that, and yet, the pain persists.
As a nurse I have to wonder WHY!
 I get pain down the Tibia (lower leg bone).
Yet besides that, there is much pain in the back of and sides of the knee.
Have I had physical therapy?
Yes I have,... for the last two weeks, and will continue to exercise at home.

So for all you other Knee Replacements out there, I wish to share my theory and subsequent research.

I began to consider??
Prior surgery the person with knee pain begins to protect their painful joint.
Due to this, muscle wastage will likely occur.

Following surgery, those unused muscles begin to get, a heavy workout.
With the workout, pain will follow.

I began to consider Helen Keller and her discovery of massage in regard to polio patients.
Despite much who-ha of many medical experts of the time, that therapy helped many polio victims to regain active use of their limbs.
I also considered massage following leg vein stripping..
It is very beneficial in pain relief.

So I decided why not massage after a Knee Replacement.
The massage should never be done over the incision, but rather at the sides and back of the knee.
I began to massage today, and I believe, there is some relief.
Be careful what you use for this. I use Aloe Vera.
I am not here to tell you to do it for yourself.
But check it out and then decide.

Following a knee replacement, most patients will undergo weeks or months of physical therapy.
Hopefully, after this time, a patient will have regained their range of motion.
Physical therapy should also help alleviate the pain.
Unfortunately, many patients are still in pain even after physical therapy is completed.
For some, the solution is massage therapy.

Below is how a Massage Therapist would do this. 


  1. That is a gruesome looking scar. I am definitely waiting a bit longer for my knee replacement, too.

    I have found that what helps me best with my back and knee is using the warm water pool at the spa. You can exercise as much as you want and there is no weight put on your back or knee.

    Massage does sound good, though. When I get money ahead, I might try that!

  2. You are so correct. Hydrotherapy is wonderful. I can't get there, so the next best thing is to apply heat and then massage. Immediately following trauma like this, ice is best, then after about a week, heat.

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